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Naskah Drama SnowWhite

Percaya gak percaya, pokoknya harus percaya :p gara-gara tugas drama di sekolah ini nih bikin aku BM seharian. Udah waktu tampilnya, kelompokku gak bawa property, kena omel kan jadinya -_- (untungnya gak cuma kelompokku doang yg kena omel, tapi satu kelas, *hahaha :D) udah pake dimarahi lagi waktu hari sabtu, gara-gara pulang telat krn ngerjakan drama ini. Demi apapun, sial banget guenya -_- tp gpp lah udah terlanjur terjadi.
Ini nih naskah dramanya yg sdh aku perbaiki. Translate lewat mbah google itu bikin mumet loh kawan, banyak kata yg ga jelas kalo udah di translate.

Naskah Drama Snow White

In a kingdom, there lived a princess named Snow White. She stayed with the queen that her stepmother. Because the beauty of Snow White, the queen do a variety of ways to kill Snow White. She also, always asked the magic mirror who is most beautiful in the world.

Queen: “Oh magic mirror, who is most beautiful in the world?”
Magic mirror: “The most beautiful in this world is Snow White.”
Queen: “What? Snoe White? I was to get rid of Snow White. Guards..! Guards..!”
Guards: “I was facing the queen”
Queen: “Kill Snow White!”
Guards: “But the queen, I can’t do that. How I might kill the princess”
Queen: “Quick to do! Or I kill you!?”
Guards: “Well, the queen. I perform”

Then the guards took the princess to the forest. But she didn’t have the heart to kill the princess

Guards: “Princess, the queen request me to kill you, but I don’t have the heart to kill you. Now you go from the palace.”
Snow White: “Well! Thank you because you didn’t to kill me”

Then, the princess went away to a forest. In the forest she found a small hut, and she entered the shed. She felt strange seeing stuff in there are small. After sometime, came the occupants of the house, they are the dwarves.

Dwarf1: “Huh..? That’s who? Huge!
Dwarf2: “I don’t know”
Dwarf3: “Reather, we approach her”
Dwarf4: “Who are you?”
Snow White: “I was Snow White, you have a house? Sorry because I bodly go”
Dwarf5: “Why are you can have here?”
Princess: “I escape from the palace because the queen wants to kill me, she was jealous of my beauty”
Dwarf3: “Well, bear all”
Pincess: “Can I stay here?”
Dwarf2: “Of course, it can”

Meanwhile the queen asked the magic mirror as usual. She thought that she was the most beautiful, because she thinks that Snow White was dead.

Queen: “Oh magic mirror, who is most beautiful in the world?”
Magic mirror: “The most beautiful in this world is snow white”
Queen: What? Still Snow White? I think she was dead. I must do something”

queen immediately took the apple and the apple she gave the posion to be given to Snow White and the queen transformed herself into an old woman. Then she went into the woods to look for the Snow White. Finnaly, she found the Snow White at the dwarves’s home.

Queen: “My granddaughter, please try this grandmotherls apple. It was certainly very sweet like you”
Snow White: “Sorry grandma, but I’m full”
Queen: “Come on my granddaughter, try a little bit”

Feeling sorry for the old grandmother, then Snow White received a direct apples and eat them

Snow White: “Well grandma, I’ll taste it”

Snow White sudden death and lying on the floor

Queen: “Hahaha.. Eventually I was the most beautiful in the world”

Then the queen went back to the palace. When the dwarf came home, they were very shocked to see the Snow White lying on the floor. They burst into tears when they’re knew the princess was dead. Soon after, came a prince. He was very shocked to see the princess lying

Prince: “Why do women lie? And why you’re crying?”
Dwarf3: “Princess died, Prince”
Prince: “What? Princess die?”

Then Prince kissed the Snow White while crying. Then the Snow White opened her eyes and wake p slowly. She smiled when the saw prince in front of him

Prince: “Princess”
Snow White: “Prince”

Meanwhile, in the palace the queen asked the magic mirror

Queen: “Oh magic mirror, who most beautiful in this world?”
Magic Mirror: “The most beautiful in this world is Snow White”
Queen: “What? Still Snow White? She was already dead”
Magic mirror: “No, not dead lady. She live happily with prince”
Queen: “You stupid mirror!”

Queen thorws a mirror. The mirror was angry and he conjured the queen, so the queen goes into the mirror forever


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